Charms 2024

Christmas balls

Christmas, without Christmas balls and stars, it is simply out of the question.


Acorn, the fruit of the holly, for ancient Greeks, the Oak Tree symbolizes strength, evolution, and longevity.


Dragon is the sign of the zodiac for 2024 in the Chinese horoscope and symbolizes circular time and eternity. Here we represent him eating his tail to emphasize his strength.




Shell, brings to mind the summertime, Botticelli’s Aphrodite, and spaghetti alle vongole that everyone loves!


In 2023 we are so happy to welcome the prosperous Chinese zodiac sign of the rabbit, which symbolizes good luck, calmness & peace, and we are more than eager to receive them.


Charms 2022

Paper bag

The green grocer‘s humble paper bag with cornucopia engraved on it is a promise of abundance and wellness for 2022.


Chinese‘s zodiac first sign, Tiger, is the absolute personification of fatal charm, strength, flexibility but also of honesty, intelligence, and perceptiveness.


Charms 2021


For a bit of additional protection which we all need...

Wine bottle

A glass of wine always makes life easier and a bottle even better!


Buffalo, the symbol of vigor and calmness, is the last zodiac of the Chinese Zodiac cycle. We hope to be proved one of the luckiest ones!


Charms 2017

Single wheel

A touch of romanticism, the single wheel of a fearless rope dancer. Fellow of the bicycle, symbol of that healthy life that we are trying to have. The perpetual motion, yet remaining on the very same spot, your décolleté.


The more or less surrealistic invasion of the Chinese horoscope in our lives, never the less, is always a source of inspiration. This year’s Cock symbolizes luck, honor and pride invoking at the same time cock fights and children’s rimes.


Charms 2016

Α. Dynamic come back of books in our life, not only facebook anymore.

Β. Long live the monkey, lucky sign of 2016, if Chinese wise astrologers were right.

C. Lucky sandglass (clepsydra). She is not counting your time and so you ‘ll remain young and full of life.


The charm of the Year

Our life needs to be a little playful and needs a smile, so Fanourakis house created for this years good luck charm a spin top pendant, 18k gold or 925 sterling.

In the same concept has created and the horse cradle and a flying horse, as in the Chinese Calendar this the year of the Horse.

Horse cradle, pendant and Flying horse pendant or bracelet. Gold K18 or silver 925 gold platted or silver 925 platinum platted. Horse cradle Gold K18 250, 00 Euros[br]Flying horse Gold K18 250, 00 or silver 925 gold platted or silver 925 platinum platted 80, 00 Euros


Greek-American Union Group exposition about the art of writing.

Curator: Iris Kritikou


Fanourakis and the Serpent

The First and Greatest charmer, the snake, has followed us closely through eternity: devilish serpent, emblem of Asclepius, symbol of the penis according to Freud, hero of shadows theatre, punisher of Laocoon, Snake Diamandis at fairs, high-heeled shoe, always enigmatic and perhaps the wisest of the Chinese Zodiac, now a Fanourakis jewelry, charm, since 2013 is the year of the snake in the Chinese calendar.

Pendant, silver 925 and gold k18 80,00 euros the small size (diameter 2,5cm), 90,00 euros the big size (diameter 3cm). Available also in gold 18Κ. Pin or pendant snake, gold k18 (height 2 cm) 250,00 euros.


"The New Jewelers"

Desirable | Collectable | Contemporary
Olivier Dupon
Publication date: 24 September 2012
Price: £24.95

Jewellery has long been an accessory attributed with talismanic power and significance, and its appeal crosses all boundaries of culture, age, and gender. In this beautiful new book, Olivier Dupon introduces over 100 of the finest modern jewellers practising today.

The jewelry of the cover is Linas Diamantopoulou- Fanourakis design as well as the one at the introductory page at the Virtuosos chapter where the author of the book presents Fanourakis creations.


The year of the Dragon

The Chinese Dragon, the most important symbol of good luck, power and superiority, the one who offers rain, fertility, success and prosperity is the sign of 2012.

Feeling that 2012 is his best opportunity to show us his extraordinary powers which we really need right now we designed this small good luck jewel which can be worn as a pendant or on the hand.


Benaki Museum, Exhibition “Flowers in modern art”

Lina’s Fanouraki “Blue” 70 X 90 cm Gold, silver, pigments, oil on canvas. Curators: Stavros Tsigoglou, Heleni Kypreou


Cyprous house & Cretan Museum of contemporary art “I like to be adorned”

Curator: Maria Maragou With the participation of 19 artists. Lina’s Fanouraki: “ Noir est aussi une couler” Precious jewellery pieces, designed and executed by the artist are almost buried in a showcase layered with black lava salt.


Lina Diamantopoulou Fanouraki, Jewellery 1989 - 2009, Benaki Museum

Lina Fanouraki’s intrusion into the rooms housing the Benaki Museum’s Ancient Greek and Roman Collection poses the issue of communication between works and eras afresh before solving it in a disarmingly self- evident way.

By placing her jewellery amidst the Museum’s permanent exhibition, she clearly underscores the constancy of Greek gold and silver craftsmanship down the millennia and draws attention to its contemporary vitality.